Ep.111 “Use your tail” Ft. Liefx, Universal Open, Summer Roadmap, RLCS Tickets and Season 7 Rewards!

We have a special episode for you guys this week. Not only is it longer, but we have liefx on the show talking to us about what he’s been up to. We also get an announcement for Universal Open, the Summer Roadmap with a lot of information. Tickets for RLCS are on sale and Season 7 is ending and we now know the rewards.


Universal Open

2018 Summer Roadmap

RLCS Tickets on Sale

Season 7 Rewards and Season 8 Start!

Ep. 108 “The Curse of Questions” Double Drop Rate Weekend, Nitro Circus and Update on Server Performance

We have a great week for you! Can you guess who won the bet between Nox and Goje? We dove into the Double Drop Rate weekend, the announcement of a new partner for Psyonix and an update on server performance. But is there more? LAN???


Double Drop Rate Weekend

Team up with Nitro Circus

Server Performance Update

Ep. 106 “No, your wheels are big!” Tournaments Update Patch, WWE Items, RLCS Week 5 Predictions and a packed weekly whiffs!

Boy do we have an exciting week for you all. We got to check out the new WWE items introduced, we tested the new patch that fixed a few bugs, but kept a lot of them? We did a recap of the RLCS and also made predictions for next week! And finally we had a jam packed weekly whiffs!


WWE Items

Patch Notes v1.44

Ep. 103 “March On to Madness” Tournaments Announced, Spring Fever Update, Community Orgs Problem?

We are back again for another week of news, goofs and to tell you what’s going on in our lives. This week Spring Fever Update released, we have an announcement for Tournaments and when it releases and we talked about some problems facing Community Organizations and their tournaments.


Spring Fever Update

Tournaments Page

Ep.99 “We lost the Podcast” Update Follow-Up, DC DLC, Community Tournament Guidelines and Monstercat Vol.2

Episode 99 is here, get ready for more bamboozling against Psyonix. We get to finally follow up to the last update, we talked about the amazing DLC news we got told this week. We also dove into the new Community Tournament Guidelines and talked about what’s under attack.


February Update Follow Up

DC Content DLC

Hot Wheels RC Video

Community Tournament Guidelines

Monstercat Volume 2

Ep.98 “RC Car Tournament” New Patch Notes, RC Cars, Tournament mode and Roster Shuffle

The new patch notes are out! Let’s go in detail talking about what we encountered in Ranked, and our thoughts on the crate items. We also get to look at the future planned RC Cars between Psyonix and Hot Wheels and a lot of Roster Shuffle happening in esports.


Patch Notes v1.41

Hot Wheels Rocket League RC Cars

Tournaments Beta Announced