Ep. 124 “An accident has happened” Ranked Season 9, Season 8 Rewards & Hot Wheels DLC + New Map

Sorry for the delay, VDKAIce got into an accident and we had to delay it a day. But this week we get to go into detail about the rewards for Season 8! We also get a date for Season 9 and a little more information about it. Along with Season 9 we get Hot Wheels DLC including a brand new Rocket League Map!


Progression Update Follow-Up

Season 9 Update Coming September 24th

Competitive Season 8 Rewards

Hot Wheels DLC

Ep. 122 "BACK TO SCHOOL" 3 New Updates?!, Rocket Pass, RLRS Play-Ins and Fan Rewards

Boy do we have an episode for you this week. First off, we talk about our experience with the 3 new updates we got last week? What??? We also get to talk in detail about everything coming to Rocket Pass! Fan Rewards are now available for RLCS, RLRS and CRL and in Ninja's Super Happy Esports Fun Time, we talk about who made it into the RLRS for the third season!


Version 1.50 Progression Update

Version 1.51 and 1.52

Rocket Pass

Fan Rewards

Ep. 119 "We Should Fly A Plane!" More Chance Stats, Cross Platform Party's info, Ban System Stats and New Mechanic?

Oh boy, do we have a special episode! We finally announce our new third host! Along with that, we talk about chances to receive Singularity and mainframe painted items. We got to check the announcement about Cross Platform Party's and check stats about the In-Game Ban System. And strangely enough, there is a new mechanic arising called Ground Reset.


 Cross Platform Party's

Language Ban System

Ep.118 “Putin Made Us” Ft. VDKAIce. Drop Rates, RLCS Season 6, New Crate, Patch Notes and ULTIMATE Edition

What a week ahead of us, Nox had company last week so we had to skip a week. We talked about the Drop Rate announcement, RLCS Season 6 1 Million Dollar Prize Pool, the new crate and update. We also checked the announcement of Ultimate Edition and all the roster changes that happened for the upcoming season.


Drop Rates

RLCS Season 6

Zephyr Crate + Patch Notes

Rocket League Ultimate Edition

Ep. 116 “The World Cup Challenge!” ft.KrunchyGoodness 10th Anniversary Event, Stadium Map, Rocket League 3rd Birthday and NARLI Predictions

Another great episode! This week we have KrunchyGoodness as our special guest. This week we look into the newly released 10th anniversary Event. We tested the new map Stadium and gave our opinions on it. We checked out the yearly graph giving information about Rocket League and it’s player base, and we also did our Northern Arena predictions for this weekend.

Ep. 115 “The Independence of RL!” Ft.VDKAIce 3 Years of Rocket League, 10 Years of SARPBC and Anniversary Event!

  How’s it going guys! Special guest VdkaIce on this week, old patreon supporter! This week we talk about the 3rd Rocket League anniversary, their party they are hosting, the free weekend for PC and Xbox for it and the amazing Event including Stadium! A long foreseen map.


Free Weekend

Anniversary Event


Ep. 114 “We have Returned!” Rocket Pass Information, XP Update Details, New Update, RLCS Recap and Jurassic Update!

We have finally returned! Our first episode back since the special episode. This week we get to look at details on the Rocket Pass and XP Update. We also talk about our experience with the Jurassic World DLC. Ninja also gets to give his opinions on RLCS World Championship.


Rocket Pass: A Closer Look

XP Changes

New Update Tweet?

Ep. 113 “Which accent suits best?” Ft. Dondochacka! Patch Notes + New Season, Jurassic World DLC and a lot of Reddit Discussion?

It’s sad but we are saying goodbye to our host DarthGoje, we wish him the best of luck. Taking his spot for the week we welcome Dondochacka back on the show! We get to talk about the Patch Notes including the new map, new crate and new season! We also got an announcement of the next DLC being Jurassic World and we go into detail about the controversial reddit conversations going on.


Patch Notes v1.45

Jurassic World DLC

Reddit Thread