Ep. 76 “Nox Doesn’t Actually Do Cocaine” Ft. College Tourneys, Transparent Posts, and Not So Secret Secrets

Who is really at fault for the great eclipse of 2017? We really dive into the issues this week to pin down who is at fault for this slimey situation. Tune in to also maybe hear some news about Rocket League.

This week we start the Roulette Rivalry. 8 teams of randomly assigned pros, will be matched up in a bracket. Savage and I will discuss and argue for who we think will win, but who actually moves on is decided by a vote by YOU!




Here is the bracket! This week is Kuxir, Sizz, and Turbo VS Remkoe, Greazy, and JKnaps!

Ep. 75 “Casting a Shadow on Rocket League” Ft. Total Eclipse of the Heart, RLCS Qualifiers, and Intriguing Conversations.

This week is all about the regularly scheduled maintenance that goes on in the world. Sometimes it has to do with the sun, other times it has to do with Rocket League. Listen in for some discussions of toxicity and a lot of talk about the fundamental ideas of the game!


Eclipse Website

RLCS Quals

Total Eclipse of the Heart

Cars 2 Playthrough


Ep. 73 “Idioms of Control” Ft. Taking Two to Tango, Fine Tuning Our Audio, and Rocket League Things!

This week really took off when we found out how to use idioms to spruce up our lives. It’s going to be up to you to decide who used their idioms better, and how those uses entertained your ears. There are a lot of cool updates in the RL pro scene for us to talk about this week so listen in!


Cloud 9 Announcement

FaceIT Extra Sign Ups

Idioms For Kids

Ep. 71 “Savage vs All of LFM” Ft. The LFM Community, Special Twists, and YOU!

This week we get to talk to the most interesting part of Live From Mannfield, the community! Nox is in Mexico so Savage takes his 1v1 skills and talks with 8 different listeners about their questions and learns a bit more about them!

Are you on the discord? Well you should be so come hang out! https://discord.gg/0pnWeB4C7W4t9vK7