Ep. 57 "All Aboard the Meme Express" Ft. Rizzo, LANNLA Announcement, and Speech Jamming!

Join in this week as we talk to the one and only Minecraft PVPer Rizzo! We dive into all his past experiences with RL and MC to find out how he's become the meme he is today! Also listen in as we try to work through all of the small new updates from Rocket League and all the trouble we get ourselves into!


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MidSeason Mayhem

LA Announcement

Rocket League Tournaments Xbox One

Ep. 52 “Full Sleeve of Pink Choices” Ft. Tourney Updates, RLCS Speculation, and Pro Scene Financial Discussions!

Come hang out this week with Nox and Savage as they talk about upcoming big tourneys, their RLCS speculations, and some in depth discussion of the pro scene's financial standings. Also don't miss out on your favorite return segments such as Mail Time and the Salutable Suggestions. 


Kevpert's Tornado Flick Video

Pax East Tourney Updates

Ep. 49 "Greatest Hits Are Laaaaame" Ft. @johnnyboi_i, Reminiscing on old LFM, and some exciting RL News!

Join us this week when we talk to Johnnyboi_i about aspects of Rocket League all the way from how beginners can use his videos to improve, to the intricacies of the top teams. We also cover all the exciting news announced for the upcoming year of Rocket League eSports and how far we've come in our one year of being around. :)


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Rocket League eSports update

Hot Wheels Update

Ep. 48 "Nox and Savage, Your 2018 Halftime Show" RLCS Season 3, New Toys, and an exciting LFM Update!

Nox and Savage are back at it again with an episode jam packed with new updates on Season 3 of RLCS, Art's hand being involved with the new Rocket League toys, and finally an announcement that is just too big to spoil here in the description. Don't miss out on another great episode!


RLCS Season 3 Announcement

New Rocket League Toys

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Ep. 47 "Welcome to the MannFam!" Ft. MasonRL90, The Twelve Titans, and Player Development!

Make sure to listen in to an awesome interview with MasonRL90, The Twelve Titans tournament, and a lot of conversations on general player development! We have a lot of fun with a game that was prepared a little better than the last one and really dive in to the steps a player can take to improve their game. 


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New Patch

Player's Choice Crate

Twelve Titans Video


This week we dive into the new season 4 announcement, the no-flip still being around, and finally get into all the juicy emails you lovely people have been sending in. We get deep at a couple points and try to present ourselves in a way that is usually not seen from the listeners. Make sure to tune in this week for all this and more! 


Season 4 Announcement

Fickle Platypus Training Pack: D112-6146-6E5E-7C2F

Salutable Suggestion

Ep. 45 "Megan Shotgun's Cooking Stovies" Ft. Mega Shogun the No-Flip, Alpha Boost Inflation, and the Rank Problems.

Holy Cow! This week features a doozy of an interview with the one and only Mega Shogun! We also delve into the topic of the new mechanic of the No-Flip and whether it's going to become the new meta, the insane inflation of the Alpha Items, and finally how we think the rank system can really be improved. Listen to this and so much more on this week's episode of Live From Mannfield!


No-Flip Video

12 Titans Trailer

Kuxir97 vs Mega Shogun 1v1 ShoDown

Gibbs Ranked Explanation