Ep.99 “We lost the Podcast” Update Follow-Up, DC DLC, Community Tournament Guidelines and Monstercat Vol.2

Episode 99 is here, get ready for more bamboozling against Psyonix. We get to finally follow up to the last update, we talked about the amazing DLC news we got told this week. We also dove into the new Community Tournament Guidelines and talked about what’s under attack.


February Update Follow Up

DC Content DLC

Hot Wheels RC Video

Community Tournament Guidelines

Monstercat Volume 2

Ep.98 “RC Car Tournament” New Patch Notes, RC Cars, Tournament mode and Roster Shuffle

The new patch notes are out! Let’s go in detail talking about what we encountered in Ranked, and our thoughts on the crate items. We also get to look at the future planned RC Cars between Psyonix and Hot Wheels and a lot of Roster Shuffle happening in esports.


Patch Notes v1.41

Hot Wheels Rocket League RC Cars

Tournaments Beta Announced