Ep. 71 “Savage vs All of LFM” Ft. The LFM Community, Special Twists, and YOU!

This week we get to talk to the most interesting part of Live From Mannfield, the community! Nox is in Mexico so Savage takes his 1v1 skills and talks with 8 different listeners about their questions and learns a bit more about them!

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Ep. 65 - The Story of the RLCS S3

Savage and Nox had an amazing time at lan, and so we wanted to offer a different kind of recap… Something unique to our experience. Enjoy...

Ep. 59 "The Return of Daddy RocketLeague" Ft. CloudFuel, Exlusive LAN Insights, and Two Games!

Make sure to tune in this week as we experience the return of one of our earliest guests, CloudFuel! We talk with Cloud about what he does for the community, his personal experiences with the game, and some hot off the press controversies! You won't want to miss out on one of the hardest games we've ever had either!


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Minor League Doubles

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Ep. 57 "All Aboard the Meme Express" Ft. Rizzo, LANNLA Announcement, and Speech Jamming!

Join in this week as we talk to the one and only Minecraft PVPer Rizzo! We dive into all his past experiences with RL and MC to find out how he's become the meme he is today! Also listen in as we try to work through all of the small new updates from Rocket League and all the trouble we get ourselves into!


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MidSeason Mayhem

LA Announcement

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